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Choose a diet that's easy to follow and enables you to lose weight fast

We can help you to make summer 2016 the time you make changes to your diet and lifestyle that you can actually live with.

The reason most weight loss plans fail is because they are unsustainable.

You might be starting your new weight loss diet with the best of intentions - a new gym membership and an 800 calorie a day intake.

However, if you set yourself too high a target you are likely to fail and end up disheartened and reaching for the chocs.

Lose weight fast and this time keep it off!

It's much better to set a realistic target and accept that 2 hours every day in the gym is not always achievable.

It's much better to increase your level of exercise gradually to a level that doesn't disrupt your life too much.

It's much better to choose an activity you enjoy doing you so are far more likely to do it regularly.

You're far more likely to keep it up if it fits in with your lifestyle.

Likewise with your diet - too great a drop in your calories will leave you hungry and prone to snacking or bingeing.

Also your metabolism will slow down and the body will try and store fat if you cut down your intake too much.

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